Some things do not seem to change. I am going to slide out of “strictly historical mode” in todays post as I found the following article from 1942 asked some important questions to which the answers remain the same for better and worse here in 2017.

For their first question Chatelaine asked Carolyn Dumas/Chatelaine’s Fashion Editor, “Are here Canadians designing?” She  answers with a resounding “YES“, an answer I would most happily say is unchanged.

In response to  their final question “What Are Their Problems?”  Carolyn gives a list of problems, which, unfortunately,  I also agree are still in place.

“Lack of recognition, particularly by such buyers and executives who still think in terms of only American or European copies. Lack of capital, especially for the ones on their own, for promotion, publicity and general financing. Lack of channels through which to float their brain children safely to you, the public, unless they have acceptance from the wholesalers and the retail stores who are afraid to take too many chances on untried people and their work.”

How do we achieve a positive response to the final question? Some things need to change.

Beyond the questions and answers, we meet 5 previously unheard of designers, our list of Canadian Designers is growing…