86. 1945 Stylewear

The masthead reads: “1945 STYLEwear in collaboration with Mayfair brings you this new service for retailers”. It seems to have morphed out of STYLEWEAR, “Canada’s style accessory publication for the Women’s wear trade”. Their volume and number listings don’t quite correspond, but I will suppose, until I can gather further evidence, that is something to do with the internals of the shift. This is after all part of the chain that began in 1891 as Canadian Dry Goods Review so it’s history is not surprisingly a little muddled with various titles and descriptions along the way.

Beside the name and description change the big news here is that this new incarnation is the first “insider” magazine that includes women’s fashion, not just the underpinnings and other accessory items. Vivian Wilcox is doing double duty as the Fashion Editor here and at Maclean Hunter’s sister publication Mayfair, whom we have already met! Seems her editorials appear in STYLEwear first so the retail trade gets a peak before the consumer. The new magazine also includes editorial and advertising content for the trade, not the consumer. There are more pages, and several in colour this time around. This all adds up to a more exciting and broader eye on growing world of Canadian Fashion!

The new colourful cover, the one on the right with the additional PR flap








Adverts from “Designer Names”:








and Canadian Designer profiles:








The Underworld of Fashion:








and those extra little things that count!








and SO much more. If I sound excited, I am. What this magazines arrival says is that the Canadian Fashion world is stepping up…