97. 1956 Elegance

Elegance at it’s peak. From here, the puff of the crinolined dome would move in and the pull of the pencil thin would move out. Hemlines would move up the from the subtle reveal of the curved calf to the blatant exposure of the knobby knee. The bodice would loosen its grasp on the severely manipulated and molded torso inside. The perfect balance of the overlaying garments and their play with the body beneath them would slowly slide into fashions next move. But in 1956, fashion, to me, was at its most balanced perfection. Perhaps, as it was the decade I was born into, my subconscious plays a part, or perhaps as a male not entrapped in such compormising garments, I can enjoy their graphic allure. I don’t know for sure. But I do know that I am not alone in my admiration of the eras sophisticated extremes. Canadian manufacturers followed Dior’s cues to perfection.