150 PLUS / PAGE 48 / 1915 SPORTSWEAR

Women were not just spectators any longer, they were in the game. And what could be better in the Canadian climate, than Canadian made knitwear? Although Chanel is given credit for bringing the textiles originally designed for mens undergarments, to womenswear, it does not seem so far fetched to imagine that Canadian manufacturers, who already produced the undergarments for men, and women, could not see to make the leap to using it for separates themselves, considering they were already doing slightly heavier gauge knit pieces…let’s call it zeitgeist!








Women had not become active in sports alone, they now carried on a day filled with more than just dressing for lunch and dinner, some even had jobs. Sportswear, not just for sports, but for an active lifestyle, was just the thing. Not a fussy one piece dress, but, simple separates; a skirt, a blouse, and a jacket, worn with a sensible pair of boots to complete the look.  Notice that the skirts have gotten shorter…





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