22. 1886 Mourning Dress, Fashion History Museum

Always in fashion: a little something in basic black,

“This company was in business from c. 1870 to 1890 and was a high-end dressmaking and dry goods firm that supplied the Governor General’s wife. In 1889 they employed 29 dressmakers, milliners, and sales personnel.”*

*From the Fashion History Museum’s current show, “Fashioning Canada Since 1867”
Dress #19 / c. 1886
Black satin dress, possibly intended for mourning,
Labelled: D. Gardner & Co. Ottawa
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Photo 1: James B. Fowler

Photo 2 & 3 : From “Jonathon Walford’s Blog”
(Jonathon, with his partner Kenn Norman, are the men behind the Fashion History Museum, Kenn is the Chair and CEO, and Jonathan is the Curatorial Director.)
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