25. 1890 The Canadian Queen Magazine

“The Canadian Queen, Devoted to Canadian Homes. A magazine of fashion, art, literature, etc. Published every month, and devoted entirely to all matters of general interest to Ladies.”

This is Volume 2, Number 2, June, 1890. It is the earliest one I can put my hands on, and I have looked many places. I will surmise, as this is Volume 2, and it was printed in 1890, that Volume 1 began publication in 1889, but, I am not sure which month, no one seems to know anything pre this issue, nor do they know when it stopped publication. There are issues through most of 1892, but nothing says “the end”! I will keep looking. In the meantime, take a look through these pages. They can all be clicked on to enlarge. I did not include the full issue here, I’ve left out the stories and poems, but I’ve kept all the social concerns, and of course, the fashion news. I am sorry the images are not perfectly squared up, the Toronto Reference Library has no scanner!