26. Canadian Dry Goods Review, Volume 1 Number 1

We do not need to offer apology for launching the Dry Goods Review upon the stormy sea of journalism, as we have the assurance of leading retailers throughout the Dominion that its advent will be cordially welcomed and that it will meet with liberal support. Indeed, in view of the vast and diversified interests involved in the dry goods, hats, caps and furs, millinery, and clothing trades and the enormous capital invested, it has been a matter of surprise to many of those more immediately concerned that a journal devoted exclusively to these trades has been so long in making its appearance…The Dry Goods Review has come to stay…”

And stay they did, under several changes of name; the last being, simply, “Style”, and overall content, the “trade” having gone from one of cloth, gentlemen’s furnishings and “ready-to-wear” menswear, an industry still in its infancy, to one that was almost exclusively women’s ready-to-wear. They kept up, and published until sometime in the late aughts of the 21st century.

I offer up Volume 1 Number 1 in it’s entirety, take a look at what was going on!