27. 1892 The Delineator

“The Delineator,
a journal of Fashion, Culture and Fine Arts,
Published Monthly at Toronto,
By the Delineator Publishing Co.
September 1982

from page 1
Terms for this Publication in the Canadian Edition
Which is identical with the edition as published by*
The Butterick Publishing Co. (Ltd.)
London and New York”

The magic of fine print…what appears as a Canadian Magazine is not really. There are a few pages at the front and back that advertise Toronto Companies, and in some later editions there are a couple of pages that say Toronto on the bottom of the new coloured illustrations, instead of New York, and it was printed in Toronto, but the bulk of the magazine is indeed *identical to its US partner.

The Delineator began it’s run in the USA in 1875 and was published until 1937, when it was merged into “Pictorial Review. From 1890, approximately, the “Canadian twin” issues were published in Toronto, Canada.

This issue is too big (146 pages) to post in it’s entirety, so I have included the first 12 pages/inside cover and the last 12 pages/inside/outside cover. Although the Butterick patterns in the magazine were sent from the USA, the clothes themselves would have been “Made in Canada”!