34. 1904 The Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Icon: “A person or thing regarded as a representative symbol or as worthy of veneration”, I can think of no person(s) or thing more representative of Canada than the men and women of our Royal Canadian Mounted Police, in their scarlet jackets, venerated, whether on parade or in cartoon!

In 1873 the Canadian Parliament established a central police force, and sent 150 recruits west to Manitoba, who, over time, took on the name “North-West Mounted Police” (NWMP). In 1904, King Edward VII conferred the title of “Royal” upon them. Parliament voted to merge them with the Dominion Police, the federal police force who’s jurisdiction was eastern Canada, and on February 1, 1920, their name became the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.


Hollywood immortalized  “The Mounties” with the 1936 classic Rose-Marie.

in 1973 (a year early, but why not?) The Canadian Magazine celebrated the “Everybody’s favourite cops” 100th birthday and even offered up some new uniform design suggestions! Luckily their uniforms were beyond the whims of fashion…

Women were first accepted as uniformed members in 1974 and celebrated by Mattel’s Barbie in 1988.

Today, the RCMP’s scope of operations includes organized crime, terrorism, illicit drugs, economic crimes and offences that threaten the integrity of Canada’s national borders. The RCMP also protects VIPs, has jurisdiction in eight provinces and three territories and, through its National Police Services, offers resources to other Canadian law enforcement agencies.

Icon, yes…