47. 1915 Colour

The wonderful world of colour…

“When, and when not, colour can and should be used in advertising is a matter on which the printer should be consulted.
But the printer must have a practical knowledge of oolor work, and such knowledge can be acquired only after a long and expensive) experience with color work.
The printer must understand advertising values. We have long recognized this fact and consider that our equipment in men excels even our equipment in plant.
When in trouble consult with
South Press, Limited
Canada’s Leading Printing House
Toronto Montreal”

“An illustration from the “Direct from the Goods” catalogue produced by Southam Press Limited, for the Monarch Knitting Company. The illustrations are interesting from the fact that some forty models were used for the various groupings. The plates are what are called “Turned Screen.” Four negatives of equal value are made, one of which is manipulated for yellow, one for red, one for blue and one for black. The work requires a great deal of care and expert workmanship
The Monarch Catalogue has been pronounced by a prominent advertising expert to be “the most ambitious and effective yet produced for woollen wear.”