FLARE Dec 2012…Editor MIRANDA PURVES gifts Keira Knightly with a vintage dress, hope it was a CANADIAN vintage dress! She also puts “undies made in Toronto”, by FORTNIGHT LINGERIE and “handmade OJIBWAY MOCS” on her shopping list…nice choices!

Watch for an upcoming piece on this blog about the mocs and also check out the Heritage section on the “clothingcanadafashion” website for more from our Aboriginal past and present!

Contributing Editor MOSHA LUNDSTROM HALBERT does a great profile on CHRISTINA REMENYI, the designer of the aforementioned FORTNIGHT LINGERIE. REMENYI happily mentions that her work is “now winning coveted space in top boudoir drawers of those who turn their nose up at disposable styles” Seems another Canadian Designer is willing to go that extra mile and makes their work in Canada, to make their work covetable.
However, she also notes the so often heard “I can’t even tell you how much harder it is in the Canadian Market. Eighty to ninety percent of our retailers are American. Everyone there is very excited by where it’s made. A lot of the response I get here is “We just carry European lingerie. Sorry.”” The refrain is deafening, I’ve heard it myself, and I’ve heard so many others say it. Do we blame the Canadian Retailer? Or do we blame the Canadian shopper won’t buy “Made in Canada”? Its a vicious circle we are caught in. Perhaps our own historic Hudson’s Bay Company, now owned by Americans will buy it and bring it home? At any rate, bravo to Christina! Hopefully the media coverage will help inform those who need to know…

Also in the issue, a couple of nice shots of CHLOE COMME PARRIS!

In the “GRID” Jan. 17/2013 Issue, ERIN PEHLIVAN gives some nice coverage to “Made in Toronto Canada” label, MUTTONHEAD and its founder MEG SINCLAIR who in her search for the makers of a quality product went “to over 50 different properties” she says “The (factories) we work with now actually care about making your product better” Worth the work I would say, as she now ships to “50 stores around the world”. PEHLIVAN also explains that “Because of strict federal laws on raw-material imports into Canada, duties on textiles have become so expensive that it’s cheaper to outsource work to overseas manufacturers. but according to the Canadian apparel federation, some Canadian companies are reconsidering domestic production if gas and transportaton prices continue to rise abroad. I am hoping this increased domestic production is more than a trend!

And just so you know I am on the trail, I have e’d all those I mention seeking publishable pics, and more detailed info on these designers, in the pursuit of making this “THE SOURCE FOR ALL THINGS CANADA IN THE WORLD OF CLOTHING AND FASHION”…wish me luck and stay posted!


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