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DESIGNERS 1900-1970 and 1980-2010 includes the Couturiers, the Eponymously labelled, the Designers who work for others, both here and abroad and Canadian Fashion Manufacturers. They are listed in the decade they began. Their file includes their work up until they stopped designing, often lapping several decades. It is by-no-means complete. If you know of someone that you think is missing, please, let me know.

MEDIA is a look athe people who take the Designers clothes and bring them alive. The Magazines, the Editors and Journalists, the Stylists, the Hair and Makeup people, the Photographers and the Models. Yes, quite a group to put under one heading I know.

ORGANIZATIONS are those who have attempted to bring Canadian designers together to create a solidarity to assist the designers, to bring them and their work forward. This section also includes various awards given by organizations and others.

150 PLUS 150 POSTS Celebrating Canada’s 150th Anniversary, a capsule look at from then to now!

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