Rad Hourani, the unisex thinker
Beyond genres

Anabelle Nicoud


PARIS – Without limitation. Without partition walls. In 2007, Rad Hourani took by surprise fashion by creating clothes that become empowered feminine and masculine. First unisex designer invited to join the Chambre Syndicale de Paris haute couture, Rad Hourani is the pioneer of a genre booming.

“People react to what I’m doing since 2007. There are big brands that are beginning to do so and the media still speak more unisex” notes Hourani, who is recovering from a bad cold when we meet.

It is therefore no surprise that it has become the ambassador of agender a concept store on three floors the London department store Selfridges will inaugurate few days after our interview.

The shelves, Rad Hourani will be in good company because the store has selected clothing Ann Demeulemeester, Comme des Garçons or Off-White, the label of Virgil Abloh.


The arrival of unisex rays in a retail store demonstrates the lack of gender is popular. Or worse: in fashion.

Thus, during the last weeks of the European fashion, unisex was also the trend of the time in the heaviest marks of the luxury industry (Gucci, Prada, Givenchy and Saint Laurent).

This appetite, Rad Hourani, however, the gaze from a distance.

“For a young designer like me, who has a clear vision since 2007, is a unisex language. This is not a trend, but a lifestyle. »

– Rad Hourani, designer

Rad Hourani is actually an artist who loves to break down barriers between genres and things. The designer is a jack-of-all that can draw as many clothes design the furniture of its space-gallery or display photos around the world (Montreal, but Beijing and soon Tbilisi).

Should we be surprised? He thought all the space of his shop in the rue Charlot in the Marais. Available clothing – exposed with a count that recalls the contemporary art galleries -; colors (black and white) but also the furniture he made himself.

“For me, unisex is a reflection of myself. It is a way of being, of thinking about the world and life. Whether by age, nation, gender or religion, I always thought it was violent to part, by that, of another person. These are limitations that is needed and which are violent. »


However, those who know him can recognize its aesthetic one glance. No flafla with Hourani. His clothes are cleaned, dominated by black, and have very geometric cuts. A very personal and often imitated style.

“Now I do not even look over what happens, he laughs. For me it is a waste of time. I look ahead, I advance. »

At 32, Rad Hourani is a creator with multiple projects and has demonstrated that it would follow that path: his.

So Rad Hourani does not see fashion as the heart of his life.

“For me, fashion is not even something important. I’m not fashionable at all. The pace of fashion, running a fashion show to another, all this mess, excuse me to say it like that, does not interest me really. »

– Rad Hourani

After the presentation of agender in London, Rad Hourani exhibiting pictures of Larry Clark featuring his clothes, in his Paris gallery. American filmmaker and Canadian creator are not their first collaboration since Clark had invited his film, The Smell of Us, in a Paris fashion show Rad Hourani.

Between the filmmaker cult of grunge and minimalist designer generation, marriage is not as incongruous as it may seem at first.

“Larry Clark is an artist who has his own style. His films have no barriers, no taboos, “he believes.

Without borders or taboos.

That also goes Rad Hourani, an artist who is inspired, in his photographs, so that Maripier Morin Caroline de Maigret.

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