EVA FRIEDE, CANADIAN FASHION JOURNALIST, shared news recently, in her blog “THE CONSTANT SHOPPER”, of a retrospective show and possible exhibit, of the gone-but-certainly-not-forgotten CANADIAN DESIGN HOUSE called “PARACHUTE”.  See previous blog post Sep 21, 2014 “PARACHUTE: NICOLA PELLY AND HARRY PARNASS”, for much more of  “PARACHUTE’S” past. And if you have any more pics or info you would like to share I would love to post them…


Friday: blast from the Parachute past

Back in the 1980s, fashion designer Nicola Pelly and architect Harry Parnass launched Parachute, and fly it did.

The Montreal brand made it to the backs of Mick Jagger, Madonna Peter Gabriel,, Michael Jackson, Prince and David Bowie, among others.

parachute eva friede 2016 08 21 1

Nicola Pelly, the designer behind the Parachute label remains forever cool.

parachute eva friede 2016 08 21 2

A look on the Parachute-WhiteWalls catwalk.

It appears Parachute is not forgotten, as an enthusiastic crowd came out to cheer a retrospective of the line in collaboration with WhiteWalls Worldwide. It was curated by The Fine Print.

What was amazing was how contemporary the Parachute looks were – leather blouson jackets (I had the same one back in the day), colour blocks, anoraks, painter prints, jumpsuits, and utility details.

I’m told a Parachute retrospective exhibition is in the works: watch this space.

The best of the fashion fest: P.K. Subban, Parachute, the Sartorialist – and my runway debut



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