SEPTEMBER 20, 2013

Bodybag by Jude: 15 years later

Iris Gagnon-Paradis La Presse

Judith Desjardins has a career of her own and was able to borrow some unusual paths to get where she is today. No, she did not study mode, but learned through self-study. Very intuitive, she gets inspired by what life brings his way. And the birth of his brand, Bodybag by Jude, a little air of fairy tale that take place in a rave in the 90s.

At that time, the rave culture is booming. The young Judith Desjardins, in his ongoing communications at UQAM, regularly attends the middle, where it is appropriate to get dressed in the most outrageous outfits – never the same, of course! Growing up with a mother who sewed, Judith taught young enough to handle the sewing machine and create pieces of clothing to his liking. So she starts to make her own clothes for many social events she attends: “I travel a lot to attend various raves and I often went to New York. Anyway, I was pretty involved in the rave scene at the time and I met many people, “she says.

That’s when it crosses the path of the promoter of Deee-Lite group (who was trying to make a comeback at the time). Impressed by his work, he offers to help her make a name in New York: “Ultimately, it did not help me at all! she recalls, laughing. But I went to New York to tour the shops clubwear with a small collection and I managed to sell a few pieces. I started like that. ”

From clubwear to ready-to-wear

With a few shops that sell his creations in New York, the designer is preceded by a favorable rumor. She sells her clothes for raves in shops in Montreal, participates in exhibitions devoted to the industry in the United States. “At first, I was selling more in the United States and Canada! Gradually, Canadian shops boarded. ”

But in 2005, with the opening of markets and companies in Asia are beginning to produce parts sold cheaply, the designer must make a decision about the future of its brand. “This is an era that has hurt Canadian ranges clubwear and streetwear , because I was not alone in this niche there. So I decided to take a more ready-to-wear tangent. Moreover, among all of these companies, I’m not the only evil that still exists, “she says.

His leadership, “Young career woman, but with a twist! , “She says. The designer likes to play with the codes, a style to better break on the sly. “I like the idea of ​​structure that can come transgress. In my collection, I like to mix masculine and feminine, take more masculine fabrics to create feminine pieces, and vice versa, and then mix the structure and fluidity, soft and hard. I like contrasts, “says the one that says as much inspired by the neat side of Yves Saint Laurent through the punk culture.

She admits also love the uniforms, she just “break”. This is great because Bodybag took its first contract to aviation company DAC to create the uniforms of their drivers and their attendants. A small contract that will possibly elsewhere? She do not know, but let ourselves go by what life brings him.

The intuition of creation

No, Judith Desjardins has nothing of an illuminated! But it’s very personal way of seeing life. And what she finds is that, very often, they are seemingly innocuous events that will suddenly inspire and give direction to its collections. Collective consciousness, synchronicity? A bit of everything.

“I have not studied design and I have never worked anywhere else, so I have no idea how other designers work. My only reference is myself! I have always worked intuitively. I do not have a specific theme usually when I start to create. ”

It is being created that arise these little coincidences that give rise to a theme, a collection held: music noticed by chance more than one occasion that brings on a new track, a recurring color. Something that has to do sometimes, believes Judith Desjardins, with the collective consciousness where a “flow of ideas and trends” circulates.

An agonizing process, recognizes the designer. “When there is this mix of coincidences that everything fits, it’s cool ! But it’s scary when that time does not happen. I styles, fabrics, but nothing seems to work together. Then one morning I arrived and presto! everything up. ”

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