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Matinée Fashion Foundation

– Created in 1992 to support and promote Canadian fashion designers, the
Matinée Fashion Foundation distributed more than $7 million in grants
during its 11-year long history. The grants were part of the Foundation’s
overall $50 million investment to promote the local fashion industry
through the supporting of such events as the launch of a new clothing
line, for example.

1992 -2003
The Matinée Fashion Foundation was founded in 1992 IT PROVIDED direct financial assistance to designers of men’s and women’s apparel to help them more effectively conduct business and market their collections in Canada and around the world. The scope of areas considered for funding touch on virtually every aspect of the Canadian fashion industry: product and market development, production, human resources, and skill enhancement
To be eligible for grants, Canadian fashion designers must have been in business for at least three years and presented a minimum of six collections. Grants are awarded on an annual basis only, and although several of this year’s recipients have received support previously, the grants are not automatically renewed each year.

Legislative restrictions force Imperial Tobacco to end Matinée Fashion Foundation Designer Support Program

Pending sponsorship ban prompts company’s farewell to fashion after providing $50 million in business development grants and marketing support in last decade
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The Matinée Fashion Foundation will cease to exist once federal government legislation effectively bans tobacco sponsorship in October of this year.

After more than a decade during which Imperial Tobacco Canada Limited has invested over $50 million in business development grants and marketing support for Canadian fashion designers, the company announced today that they will discontinue fashion funding in 2004.

Addressing a gathering of news media and fashion industry leaders in Toronto, Neil Blanche, Imperial Tobacco’s Director of Marketing Communications said that the company had long held the hope that the Matinée Fashion Foundation would be permitted to continue to fulfill its mandate, within the context of the increasingly complex legislative environment governing the tobacco industry. . .

“Today, however, faced with legislation which becomes even more prohibitive in October of this year – when tobacco companies will be entirely banned from branded sponsorship – we have been left with no choice but to discontinue the Matinée Fashion Foundation granting program in 2004.”