Quebec fashion designers now have their own Council. The challenge: helping companies over and support the brand in Quebec, Canada and abroad.
“It was time,” seem to say the 100 fashion designers already members of the Council of Fashion Designers of Québec (CCMQ). The organization, launched last week at the opening of the Jumble of Quebec fashion, was just formalized the emails were coming in numbers: “We have received many messages of creators who wish to enter the association,” we said Linda Tremblay, Project Manager, the day after the announcement. “This is a sign that we are meeting a real need in the community.”
Funded in part by the Ministry of Economic Development, Innovation and Export Trade (MDEIE), the Council has the task of defending the interests and rights of creators at the political and economic. “Initially, it is providing an information platform and network for all creators, so they can find support in their projects, says Linda. Next, we want to become a hub for direct people in the right place, and then develop strategic alliances, as is already the case with Sensation Mode, the Bureau of Montreal Fashion (BMM), the City of Montreal, the Quebec government or Apparel Quebec, which we supports from the beginning. ”
A strong industry
Concrete projects are also on the Council table: “We are currently in contact with business people of Quebec to establish shops and help spread the creators. We are also working on promotional caps for television, where we will stage meetings with designers. ”
The Council is the fruit of long reflection on the part of stakeholders. “Discussions began in 2006, says Linda Tremblay. But we had to take the bull by the horns, the baby was ready to be born!” At the heart of the project from the outset, designers such as Anne de Shalla, Marie Saint Pierre, Christian Chenail or Yves Jean Lacasse. “The Quebec brands are becoming more stable, it said. It was rare 20 years ago, companies continue to see 10, 15 or 20 years. It is no longer the case today. In addition, training is excellent in Quebec. This is a good time to recognize the strength of this industry and what it brings, including an economic standpoint. ”
The creator emphasizes the importance of recognizing internationally: “More and more buyers are fond of novelty. Should take the opportunity to strengthen our image, which is composed of a multitude of brands with different identities. That’s what we have to offer: diversity. This is where he must capitalize. ”