‘The Maple Leaf Forever’ no more: Storm knocks down tree tied to Canadian history

The aged silver maple thought to have inspired “The Maple Leaf Forever” falls victim to Friday’s storm and neighbours mark its passing.


photo: Steve Russell / Toronto Star

The large maple tree that, legend has it, inspired Alexander Muir to write his song “Maple Leaf Forever” in 1867 lies on Laing Street in front of Maple Cottage on July 19, 2013.


Toronto ‘Maple Leaf Forever’ tree lives on through offspring

Bill Wrigley and Carolyn Swadron grew a sapling from famous historic tree and planted it in Maple Leaf Forever Park nearby.


tree3_jpg_size_xxlarge_letterboxphoto: JESSICA MCDIARMID / Toronto Star

This silver maple was grown from keys collected from the storied tree said to have inspired the poem-turned-unofficial national anthem, “The Maple Leaf Forever.”

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