In the article “Margaret Atwood Inc. A subtle examination of the business of being the queen of CanLit” in Maclean’s Magazine, on Tuesday, June 25, 2013 writer Brian Bethune begins…

“FAME IS A STRANGE AND FRAGILE THING IN CANADA, a country that for much of its history was on the fringe of successive empires. For the most part, Canadians spoke the language of the prevailing power and the ambitious migrated toward it. Truly famous Canadians, from Mary Pickford a century ago to Justin Bieber now, gained that stature abroad. We celebrate them for it – Norman Bethune is famous in his own country primarily for being famous in China – and, hockey players aside, are suspicious of those here who claim celebrity. Mordecai Richler used to mock them as “world-famous in Canada.”

The rest of the article is great, CANADIAN ICON Margaret Atwood always makes for interesting copy, but it’s Mr. Bethune’s eloquence in citing this Canadian condition that, in my constant analysis of the CANADIAN PERSPECTIVE here at “CLOTHINGCANADAFASHION” I include it.


JULY 2013

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