People, people meeting people (can you hear Barbra Streisand), can be an amazing thing. Meetings with people have allowed me to glean first hand information, and have been the catalyst to some new additions here on the website.

I started clipping when I was a fashion student in the late 1970’s. I began clipping more ardently and visiting the Toronto Reference Library to visit their CANADIAN FASHION DESIGNER files (collected by the late ALAN SUDDON /Fine Arts Librarian at the Toronto Reference Library and costume collector extrodinaire) in the mid 1990’s (often accompanied by my friend JUDY THEORET, librarian and fellow fact finder). I was creating my own comprehensive file, as their were only two books that covered CANADIAN FASHION DESIGNERS at the time (and still are) and as an industry player and fashion school instructor I knew there was a need for another, still is, and I was/am going to put it together. In the meantime this website was created as a holder for all I was gathering and a way of getting the info out there.

The website began with the archive of CANADIAN FASHION DESIGNERS (on the right). The list of designers, and the content in their individual files continues to grow, although much of it is has been slipped in quietly and you may not have noticed any change. Going forward I will post the additions on the blog, as I fill in the files, so that you are aware!

Beyond the designers names lies an array of alternately talented people who brought/bring these designers and their work alive. Their names are not so commonly known but I have always thought that they too deserve recognition in telling the story of CANADIAN FASHION HISTORY. I have been collecting information on many of these people and organisations all along, however I needed some sort of catalyst to bring them forward. People…

SHELLEY WICKABROD (with her late husband BERNARD MCGEE, designers of CLOTHESLINES) and I have been friends for many years, we follow each other on facebook, where for the past many months a woman by the name of BEBA HOJT has been posting images and info on CANADIAN FASHION to Shelley’s timeline. Shelley put two and two together and crossed our paths. It turns out Beba Hojt /MARIA HOYT, was a major model in the 1970’s and 80’s. We met up last week. Beba arrived with many portfolios and bags of photos and ephemera and many amazing tales of the period. For someone like me who has spent many, many hours in libraries scouring for info, this was more than a delight as it was live! Christmas, buried treasure, and a pot of gold all in one, and a catalyst to the new section CANADIAN FASHION MODELS (wearing Canadian Fashion). I will blog these before listing on the right also! People…

I previously mentioned THE CANADIAN FASHION SUPPORT SYSTEM, in a blog post on Feb 2, 2016 and at that time took a moment to say “THANK YOU” to NORMA MENEGUZZI SPALL, who I had had a delightful catch up lunch with. In later emails Norma provided me with much info, having worked with many of these organisations herself, beginning in the mid 1970’s with the CFDA. She unravelled a spider’s web of names and dates and shared some very fondly remembered anecdotes. I rather dropped the ball right after that post. I have continued to collect, but have posted or filed very little, being busy elsewhere, (see previous post CLOTHINGCANADAFASHION: UPDATE/KEN AND ME/18.06.2016 for more on that). I am now picking up the ball and excited to carry on where I left off, bringing in another new section, CANADIAN FASHION SUPPORT, which I will also blog and file.


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  1. Shelley Wickabrod says:

    love this… glad that it worked out with Maria and you… next we will tackle my portfolios. And I love that this is part of your life’s work! Archivist to the industry that we all love.
    thank-you James.

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