It is some time since I posted, I have been working on another project.

BARBIE’S BOYFRIEND KEN, Vintage KEN from 1961 – 1967, collected and curated by me (JAMES FOWLER) over the last 18 years, is now on display at the FASHION HISTORY MUSEUM in Cambridge, Ontario. It’s a great close-up look at Vintage KEN, and at the periods menswear and other ephemera, and is a piece of my own autobiography.

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Oh, and there is a book (I know, personal plug) “KEN AND ME” which you can order!


If you have any enquires on this don’t hesitate to e mail me, I am always happy to talk “KEN”.

My show is teamed with Belgian/Canadian Photographer WALTER SEGERS’ show, “WHAT I DID ON MY SUMMER VACATION” a series of shots representing a chunk of WALLY’S autobiography, using Ken dolls from my collection.

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And, to top it off “TYING THE KNOT 200 YEARS OF WEDDING ATTIRE” a selection from the museums collection.


In case you were not aware of the FASHION HISTORY MUSEUM it is the lovechild of JONATHON WALFORD and KENN NORMAN, the FHM’s Co founders, and Curator and Chair, respectively.

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