I couldn’t let a full page of coverage on Erdem go unmentioned!
So go back in your stack of mags and take a look.

“Urban Strokes – ERDEM MORALIOGLU”
from December 2012 – VOGUE

“yet it’s the sea that beckons the Canadian-born, London-based designer, who is dipping his florals in water for the first time with swimwear.”

AND just to clear things up “name-wise”

ERDEM on His Floral Obsession, Tilda Swinton, H&M and Kate Middleton
from an interview at “FASHIONISTA” by ELANA FISHMAN
Published on Thursday, March 31st, 2011

Fashionista: First off, just so everyone’s sure, how exactly do you pronounce your name? Is it “ER-dem” or “er-DEM?”

Erdem Moralioglu: Hahaha! Honestly, say it any which way you like. I get both all the time. And when it comes to saying my last name, “Moralioglu,” just remember to divide it into three parts: “Moralee-oh-glue.” See? Easy!


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